The Puppy Pickup Page

Thank you for your puppy deposit or payment!

Please Take A Moment And Confirm The Date/Time To Pick-Up Him/Her Up.
This Will Help Us So Much To Keep Everything In Schedule!

A few things to prepare for your new puppy:

Our puppies are being served:
Diamond Puppy

Suitable for puppies as well as pregnant or nursing adult dogs, DHA for proper brain and vision development, Proper balance of fat, protein and other essential nutrients for proper growth!

This food can be ordered and purchased from TSC, Walmart, Petco and Amazon

A few things to bring along for the puppys' ride home:

  • Crate or Box
  • Short Leach
  • Bath Towel or Pad
  • Paper Towels (in case of car sickness)

It is good to come prepared as puppies can get a little car sick or will drool a bit as they travel for the first time.

Confirm your pickup here:

Pickup date and times are 9:00a-6:00p (Mon-Sat)

Delivery Options

For puppy delivery to your home or city closer to you, please request a quote on our Delivery Page Here.

We are located at: 2648 Pembroke-Fairview Rd, Pembroke, KY 42266

Directions are: Take 68/80 turn south on Britmart Rd. and then unto Pembroke-Fairview Rd (Hwy 115) 3 Miles South then turn left in our long lane 2nd farm on down the lane (Also Follow GPS)